Virtual Cocktail Making First Date

Virtual Cocktail Making First Date

Virtual Cocktail Making Date Night

Nobody wants to be alone over Christmas and with the on-going coronavirus lockdowns, it makes dating a little more difficult to do safely.

Some people have taken to going “in” for a meal, where each person orders a takeaway from Just Eat or Deliveroo to each other’s homes – an interesting idea we thought, so we spoke to Chris Pleines from Dating Scout to get some tips for online dating.

No doxxing

Never share details like your home address and bank details. In online dating, you should be very wary of the people you meet—even if it is someone you have been talking to for the longest time. Some people do everything they want to lure you into their trap and do illegal things using your identity. Others, using your personal and bank information can make purchases under your name. In online language, don’t doxx yourself!

If it sounds too good to be true, chances are, it is
Anyone can say anything on their profiles, and not many online dating sites or apps have the resources (or even the means) to verify every information. So as an added security layer, you should be able to discern whether someone is telling the truth or not on their profiles.

Say no to suspicious links
One of the infamous phishing techniques is by sending an unsuspecting victim a link. Once you click this, you’re somehow forwarded elsewhere—the next thing you know, the scammer already accessed your email, password, linked accounts and other pertinent details. The moral of this story is always to be wary of suspicious attachments or links sent your way. Ask your match what it is all about and check the structure of the link itself. Is the site reputable? Did your match give you a detailed description of what the link is all about? If no and no, make sure you close that chat tab, keep an eye out on this particular user, and report if they send another link again.


Get over those first date nerves with some cocktails.

We cannot help with the cybersecurity risks, but we can help you go for a night “in” with your latest match without the need to share personal information or what the professionals call, “doxxing”.

We’ve hosted dozens of virtual cocktail making classes for every type of occasion so you can trust us to know what it takes to break down those awkward barriers.

You and your lucky date choose 2 cocktails each and we send both of you the ingredients & equipment to shake up all 4 cocktails.

Best of all, you don’t need to exchange payment information or even your home address with your match (we know there are plenty of catfishes and creeps out there!).

Then our professional mixologist will meet you on Zoom where we will shake up the cocktails, help you get to know each other and break the ice… literally.

virtual dating


How it works

  1. You and your date pick 2 cocktails each from our delicious menu below. 🍸
  2. You will be given an order number which your date supplies to us when they place their order and cocktail selection. 📋
  3. This means you don’t need to disclose any personal information to the other person and all your communications stay on the dating app until you are ready to shake things up. 🤫
  4. Prior to your scheduled date night, both of you will receive a package containing all the ingredients, garnishes and equipment required to shake up the cocktails. 📦
  5. On the day we will send you both a link to join the private Zoom class where our mixologist will guide you through making the drinks. 🎦
  6. Once the drinks are made, we will leave you alone to chat more and decide if you want to exchange numbers or just leave the meeting! 😬


Cocktail virtual dating
Cocktail virtual dating
Cocktail virtual dating

Book Here

You can’t choose fate, but you can choose your cocktails!

Cocktail selection

Pick your 2 cocktails

Pick your 2 cocktails (or the 2 cocktails that you think your date will like the most).

Enter your dates order number

If you're the first to order, just leave blank.

When would you like your date night?

Please allow at least 7 days between today and your desired night to ensure we have availability and to allow time for delivery.

Get paid to drink cocktails

Get paid to drink cocktails

Job: Virtual Product Development 

 (Get Paid to Drink Cocktails)

Our current menu has been enjoyed by thousands of people during our virtual cocktail making classes, but it is time for a refresh.

We’ve been hard at work developing new cocktail recipes for our brand new online cocktail making class experience and we’re almost ready to go public, we just need people like you who love cocktails to tell us what you think.

Unlike serving up cocktails in a bar environment, we need to make sure our cocktails are as equally enjoyable to create as they are to drink. Plus, we need to make sure our new packaging, equipment and ingredients can survive the journey from our bar to yours.

The Mary Jane Cocktail

The Mary Jane. This was one of our most loved cocktails from the current menu.


How it works

We have 8 new cocktails that we would like reviewed.

We’ll send you an ingredient pack containing everything that’s required to create the cocktails and you’ll be asked to provide us with feedback on:

  • Education. Did you learn a new skill, fact or technique while creating the drinks?
  • Packaging. Where the ingredients packaged suitably?
  • Presentation. Was it easy to re-create the cocktail?
  • Flavour. How did the cocktails taste?

Once our head mixologist has taken into account all the feedback received, we will decide to either finalise the cocktail recipe or make a tweak. In the event of a tweaked recipe, we will send out another ingredient pack and recipe cards so you can provide us with further feedback on whether the tweaks have improved the experience.

Feedback will be submitted to us via an online portal where you will be asked to grade the experience on the criteria mentioned above, you are also requested to submit supplementary images and video which explain your feedback in more detail.

We will use feedback and reviews from the final menu on our social media accounts to promote the new recipes.

Clipboard for cocktail tester
The Strawberry Basil Smash

The Strawberry Basil Smash. This drink was a firm favorite and worked especially well when guests had fresh basil available.

Who can apply

The role is open to anybody over the age of 18 and located in the EU, we’re ideally looking for people who have a passion for cocktails and can document their experience sufficiently.

When can I apply

We are accepting applications now until October 22nd.

What is the pay

We will pay you £100 per feedback session. Each session will consist of creating, sampling and judging 4 cocktails.

Everything we send you will be yours to keep – including the equipment.

How can I apply

To apply, we want to see how critical you can be. So we need you to submit a review about a cocktail you have had previously by:

  1. Uploading a video review or photo of the cocktail to social media
  2. Tag @boozyevents
  3. Submit your application using the form below

Apply Here

Please supply your full name, email and of course your cocktail review!

Applications now closed!

Finalist for Society’s One To Watch

We’re a FINALIST! 🚀

We’re proud to say that Boozy Events has been selected as a finalist for Society’s One To Watch competition, if we’re successful you will see us showcase our upcoming products and services at the Taste of Grampian Virtual Festival!

What Society said about us
“Boozy Events is a bespoke mobile bars and cocktail events firm. In light of current circumstances, they have began delivering virtual cocktail making classes which are now being enjoyed by hundreds of guests each week and recently launched a new garden party product so people can enjoy a cocktail making party at home while abiding by government restrictions. Boozy Events has so much still to release this year.”

Please vote for Boozy Events as Society’s One To Watch.

What we’re working on:

  • New spirit made in collaboration with a very popular Aberdeen restaurant.
  • New themed interactive cocktail making experience.
  • New members-only cocktail club.
  • New bespoke garnishes made in collaboration with top north-east producers.

We look forward to sharing these developments and more with you at Taste of Grampian 2021!

Easter Themed Cocktails

Spring Chicken

75ml Baileys
50ml Vanilla Ice Cream
50ml Milk
25ml White Chocolate Spread

Add everything to a shaker and combine.
Pour the smooth mixture into the chocolate easter egg

Gregor Sey – Instagram @gregorsey

Here’s the Easter cocktail.

Centred around the British springtime picking brambles off the bushes and fresh herbs starting to grow with the bramble and rosemary syrup. Red grapefruit juice adds a citrus-y bitterness to it. And finally, the white rum brings a sugary molasses sweetness and slight grassy-ness without a lot of the burnt caramel that comes with an aged rum. 

All in all a nice cocktail, happily sipping away at it.

50ml White rum, whatever is at hand
37.5ml Rosemary bramble syrup
25ml Red grapefruit juice

Shaken then doubled strained into a jam jar with ice 

Mark Messer – Instagram @mxrkmssr

Cocktail Making Class To Your Door

Cocktail Making Class To Your Door

Shake up your isolation plans with a cocktail making masterclass: Just £29.99

Over the past few days our social media followers have been creating cocktails using just the ingredients they have in their cupboard and the equipment at their disposal – think protein shakers, coffee mugs, tinned fruit and those dusty mini-bar bottles of liqueur!

Check out: #CupboardCocktail

Turns out it got a few people in the mood for DIY cocktails as we have received messages asking to borrow our equipment to do some experiments of their own.

So… we would like to introduce to you our new service. “Boozy Events: To Your Door“.

Delivered to your door (contact-free) will be everything you need to shake up some delicious cocktails and then one of our brilliant mixologists will give you a masterclass on cocktail making over video call!

Find more information or book a cocktail masterclass kit here.

How ‘Boozy Events To Your Door’ works

1. Order

Order a cocktail making package using the form below.

2. Collect

We deliver the package to your door contact-free.

3. Create!

Join in with our mixologist via video call.

Order Boozy Events: To Your Door

Step 1

Fill out the order form.

Step 2

We will confirm your booking and depending on your alcohol choice we will either:

Option 1: Request an inventory of what alcohol you have and we will craft a menu tailored to you.

Option 2: We supply you with a shopping list or arrange for alcohol delivery from one of our supplier partners.

Step 3

One of our mixologists will let you know what time to expect delivery and arrange a time for the cocktail making masterclass!

Step 4

Shake up the cocktails!

Step 5

The kit is collected the following day.

Full name, first name or just your nickname will do.
Your email address
Your preferred contact number.
Where will the kits be delivered? If more than 1 kit requested, enter just the cities.
If you already have a date in mind, select it above otherwise leave blank.
How many kits will be required? If unknown leave blank.
Any Allergies? Any special requests? Any dates/times you'd prefer or ones that you can't do? If using your cupboard alcohol, what have you got?