World Whisky Day 2021

World Whisky Day is on Saturday the 15th of May 2021 and is a global celebration of the uisge beatha, ‘the water of life’ – or as we may know it, whisky! You can celebrate by trying a dram and joining in on the #WorldWhiskyDay conversation via social media. 

We’re going to kick things off by sharing some of our favourite whisky facts, and a cheeky new Whisky Cocktail: Kentucky Blueberry Lemonade. Created by our mixologist, Terrence Lundy, especially for World Whisky Day, this cocktail is perfect for seasoned whisky specialists and newcomers alike! 

5 Facts About Whisky We Bet You Didn’t Know

  1. 36 bottles of Scotch Whisky are shipped from Scotland to 166 markets around the world each second, totalling over 1.14 billion every year!
  2. 2% of the liquid evaporates every year from a whisky barrel while it’s sorted for maturation – this is known as the Angel’s Share. It’s said that this 2% keeps the angels in good spirits!
  3. Scotland is home to more aging casks of whisky than people! With a population of 5.3 million, and more than 20 million barrels of whisky in-store – Scotland has almost four casks of whisky per person.
  4. Cats play a significant role in the history of whisky! Numerous famous distilleries are known to have cats lurking about, offering protection from the mice who like to hang around barley. Glenturret’s distillery famous cat, Towser the Mouser, is said to have caught 28,899 mice in its 24-year lifetime! 
  5. The Guinness World Record for the world’s oldest bottle of whisky belongs to the Glenavon Special Liqueur Whisky. Bottled between 1851 and 1858, it sold at auction for an astounding £14,850 in 2006.

Kentucky Blueberry Lemonade Recipe


  • 50ml Makers Mark Whisky
  • 1x lemon
  • 15 blueberries
  • 2-3 dashes of angostura bitters
  • 20ml sugar syrup
  • Soda water


Add most of the blueberries, juice of 1 lemon and the bitters to a shaker and muddle until the blueberries are sufficiently juiced.

Add in the Makers Mark and sugar syrup, give it a hard shake with ice.

Single strain into a chilled hi-ball glass filled with fresh cubed ice, then finish with ice cold soda water.

Garnish with some extra blueberries and grated lemon zest.

Bonus Fact on Maker’s Mark Whisky

Although it is made in America and is an all American recipe the Maker’s Mark founder William Samuels wanted to pay homage to, and capitalize on, the Scottish heritage of whiskies (the founder did not originate from Scotland, like some people think). He just thought that they were smoother and in general better than their American “Whiskey” counterparts. So they used the Scottish spelling of Whisky to market their spirit.

Enjoy world whisky day and make sure to tag @boozyevents if you recreate the cocktail or any whisky drinks for yourself!

Mental Health in a Flexible Workplace

Mental Health in a Flexible Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has been, understandably, a very stressful time for everyone – changes in routine, lifestyle, and more. Work-from-home has led to increased stress for employees, with 37% of respondents to the CIPD’s Health and Wellbeing at Work report disclosing that stress-related absence had increased in the last year.

That being said, there have been some positive impacts of work-from-home. Research conducted by Flexibility Works found that 41% of those asked saved money on travel to and from work, and 33% reported more quality family time. 

However, there are clear negatives that cannot be ignored. According to the research, 51% of those asked missed social interaction with colleagues, and 26% felt more stressed than usual. In addition to this, research carried out by RSPH found that 67% of participants felt disconnected from colleagues, 46% taking less exercise, and 37% suffering from disturbed sleep. 

So, what can be done to improve mental health in the workplace, whilst working from home? Since a large number of our customers either work from home or run a business that employs remote workers, we want to share some tips!

Five tips to support staff mental health


Communication is a two-way street. Keeping up regular communication between your team will eliminate feelings of isolation and loneliness. It’s important not to lose the social element of working, why not schedule a weekly team social call, if resources allow? The best thing you can do for your team ensures they can enjoy WFH! 

Construct fair and effective policies

Talk to your staff and find out exactly what they need from you to feel safe, secure and supported. Ask for feedback on current policies and what they’d like to see from you as an employer. This will ensure your team feels reassured that you are dedicated to their well-being at work. 

Take an interest in employee wellbeing

Employees and colleagues will value conversations around well-being and how mental health can be improved during WFH. Starting conversations around work-life balance and boundaries will ensure the team understands the importance of looking after their wellbeing. According to research conducted by HSE, 17.9 million working days were lost in 2019/20, as a result of stress, depression, or anxiety. Providing your team with appropriate resources to ensure they can look after their mental health and lead to a positive culture change. If budgets allow, why not invite a mental health specialist to a conference call for your colleagues to hear from? 

Promote healthy routines & flexibility

It can be difficult to set clear boundaries while working from home, with workspaces merging into living spaces and difficulties switching off. According to the ONS, those working from home did on average six hours of unpaid overtime per week in 2020. Promoting healthy routines and flexible working will be both beneficial for your teams well-being and their results. Putting less pressure on strict work schedules will allow your team to switch off outside work and create a happier, more productive team.

Check ins

It’s important not to wait until there’s a problem to check in on your team. By having regular conversations with your team about how they are feeling, how things are going, they will feel reassured that they can bring their thoughts and concerns to you.

There are so many ways that you can improve mental health in the workplace during these difficult times, all linked closely with simply just talking! Having regular conversations about mental health will ensure colleagues feel open to sharing their concerns and know exactly what they can do to help their own mental health. Checking in on your team while working from home is vital – ask your colleagues, friends, and managers how they are. Mental health is all about supporting each other, so let’s make sure to do our bit.

5 Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in 2021

5 Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in 2021

Have you ever heard of Cinco de Mayo? It’s a hugely popular holiday in the US, celebrating the unlikely Mexican army’s victory over France in the Franco-Mexican war at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862; hence the name which translates to 5th of May. 

In recent years, it rose in popularity across the globe to Japan, South Africa, Australia and of course the UK. Usually people celebrate with large parades or private parties with folk dancing, mariachi music, mexican food and drinks. 

Due to the pandemic Cinco de Mayo will look different this year but fear not there are still amazing events for you to attend from the comfort of your home!

To get you into the spirit here is an awesome Cinco de Mayo Spotify playlist:

Here are our top 5 events you don’t want to miss; some are virtual and if you live in London there are events happening in-person.

Cinco De Mayo Virtual Cocktail & Tequila Masterclass

To celebrate the Mexican holiday of “Cinco de Mayo”, Boozy Events are shaking up 4 Tequila and Mezcal based cocktails as part of a Cinco De Mayo themed virtual cocktail making masterclass, best of all you are invited!

We will discuss all things Mexico with our resident Tequila fanatic. Plus, top Tequila brand Cazcabel’s global brand ambassador will be joining to tell the story about how Agave is turned into Tequila.

Happening online on two different dates; Friday, May 7th and Saturday, May 8th from 7pm until 8.30 PM.

How much does it cost?

£39.99 including free UK delivery.

Where can I book it?

Cinco De Mayo @ Exale Brewery

Exale Brewery will be taking East London to Mexico! Adhering to covid rules, there will be specially brewed beers on tap, frozen slushy drinks, food by Yeah Burger, music and great cocktails by their in house distillery ‘Victory’. The event will be on between 17:00-23:00 everyday between May 6-9th. 

How much does it cost?

Free entry

Where can I book it?


Lost Boys Pizza  will host their Cinco de Mayo celebrations in their newly built outside garden bar on May 5th; don’t worry they thought about british summer and have covered it and  installed heaters. There will be free nachos all night and Nate Sorby will be mixing up fresh tequila drinks. 

How much does it cost?

Tickets are from £55 to £165 including Nachos on arrival, pizza ad three cocktails

Where can I book it?

CINCO DE MAYO North County

Covid also allows you to attend virtual events in other countries. This is the 2nd Cinco de Mayo Virtual Festival by USA Multicultural. Join them for a fun day of entertainment and demos on either Zoom or Facebook live on May 2nd.

How much does it cost?


Where can I book it?


Another international online event is hosted by Blueheel Dance Studio. Get your mariachi band, tacos and margaritas ready to join their Cinco de Mayo with awesome music and loads of dancing on May 5th. 

How much does it cost?

The event will be free but there will be:

  • Strict colourful mexican dress code
  • Decorations required
  • Tacos required
  • Dancing
  • Prizes.

Where can I book it?

62 of the Best Virtual Experiences

62 of the Best Virtual Experiences

Nobody anticipated remote working lasting as long as it has, but here we are! We are now seeing organisations make the switch to remote working permanent, with many colleagues feeling the benefits of working from home.

But where does that leave the social element of working? For some people, they’ll have never even met their colleagues face-to-face! Virtual team-building activities can provide a solution to remote socialising.

Virtual team building provides an opportunity for teams to socialise, get to know one another more personally and reduce feelings of disconnect, isolation and drive a sense of togetherness and enthusiasm within a team. Virtual team building can also improve communication between colleagues and boost morale.

All that being said, the thought of ‘team building’ and extra time spent in front of a screen may alarm many colleagues – especially given traditional team building activities which involve wearisome personality tests and cringe-worthy icebreakers.

Now, although the extra screen time currently is unavoidable, an activity that will truly help your team escape and enjoy each other’s company will help them feel more connected and united. Plus, many team building activities involve stepping away from your screen and doing something completely new and exciting! The best part is, we now have access to unique venders from around the UK, not just those closest to you.

We have compiled your complete guide to online team building providers and organisations helping to improve employee engagement through virtual events. We’ve included something for everyone, whether you’re still loving the classic Zoom quiz or are looking to try something more creative! Maybe your team wants to learn a new skill together?

We’ve got you covered. 👇

Virtual Cooking Classes

Pack from bakester box
Home baking box from Bakester Box – © Bakesterbox 2020

Typically, a virtual cooking class involves you, a professional chef, and the rest of your team creating a dish from scratch during the virtual session. Cooking engages all the senses, so a virtual cooking class is a great way to boost moods within your team! A virtual cooking class is an ideal way to get your team up from their desks – improving morale and team engagement! Plus, who doesn’t want to have a nosey at another zoom background? 

Cook for Good

Cook for Good brings people together through cooking, providing a perfect virtual team building activity. The best part is, Cook for Good invest their profits into food-focused community projects. Get your team together, virtually, with one of their interactive online cooking classes, hosted by one of their expert chefs. There’s a wide range of menus to choose from, and your team will receive ingredients and kit lists in advance!

How much does Cook for Good cost?

Any team / group size is welcome at £20 + VAT per person, with a £500 + VAT minimum spend.

Key points about Cook for Good


BakesterBox was founded with a goal of inspiring people to bake – making it hassle-free and enjoyable! You and your team can choose from the most delicious cakes, bakes and patisserie kits, have them delivered straight to your door and bake together, remotely! This virtual cooking class will last around 90 minutes and is perfect for anyone who likes baked goods! 

How much does BakesterBox cost?

Prices start from £45 per person, including all the necessary ingredients and delivery.

Key points about BakesterBox


Conchiglia is an italian restaurant in London, offering amazingly authentic at-home kits! Cook up an Italian feast with the team, using Conchiglia’s DIY pizza and pasta kits – with vegan options too! Conchiglia’s home kit sauces are all made in-house and their pastas are also handmade off-site. This is a self-facilitated cooking class, where you and your team can set up a zoom call and get cooking together using Conchiglia’s handy kits! 

How much does Conchiglia cost?

Prices for at-home kits start from just £12 + postage. 

Key points about Conchiglia

Get Cooking

Get Cooking believes that learning to cook can boost your self confidence and aim to show people that cooking doesn’t always have to be complicated to taste good! Get Cooking offer bespoke, private cooking classes tailored to the needs of you and your team! 

How much does Get Cooking cost?

Prices start from £95 for a one hour class with up to 6 households. 

Key points about Get Cooking

Grass People Tree

Discover the Living Tea Experience, ‘a traditional tea-making philosophy that follows the rhythm of nature and embodies tea as a living being’. This is an informative, relaxed and restorative journey through an ancient tea ceremony. You and your colleagues will never think tea the same way again!

How much does Grass People Tree cost?

The ‘Living Tea Experience’ is 75 minutes long and priced at £38 (incl. 5 teas and domestic shipping). 

Key points about Grass People Tree

Hartley Events

Hartley Events offer a variety of virtual cooking classes – from sushi to canapes! All of the experiences have ranging difficult levels, ensuring you’ll be able to find the perfect team building experience for you and your colleagues.

How much does Hartley Events cost? 

Group sizes 15-100. Duration of the event is 1-2 hours. Virtual Corporate Event boxes with ingredients included.

Key points about Hartley Events

Lick Me I’m Delicious

Lick Me I’m Delicious offers a unique take on virtual cooking classes, with a virtual journey of flavour discovery – allowing you to uncover everything you need to know about your taste buds. This interactive virtual experience will guide you through 20+ multisensory flavour experiments. 

How much does Lick me I’m Delicious cost?

A 60 minute experience with a minimum 15 participants, is £39 + VAT per person

Key points about Lick Me I’m Delicious

Lola’s Cupcakes

With a tempting selection of decorating kits available, gather the team virtually and get creative together. This is a self-led cooking class, simply order your kit and arrange a time with your colleagues to virtually decorate your delicious sweet treats. 

How much does Lola’s Cupcakes cost?

Kits start from £19.99 + postage. 

Key points about Lola’s Cupcakes

Makin’ The Dough

Makin’ The Dough offers pizza and cookie kits with a difference –  you can raise money for a special charity or community group while hosting your virtual cooking class!  Members of the Makin’ The Dough team can join you and your colleagues on zoom and perform live tutorials using your chosen kit. 

How much does Makin’ The Dough cost?

Bulk ordering prices available. 15x ‘Party Margherita Pizza Dough Kits’ priced at £225. Each kit contains 2 pizza dough balls (making 2 medium/large pizzas). 

Key points about Makin’ The Dough

Melt London

Melt London hosts a range of virtual chocolate tasting experiences – led by a Melt London Chocolatier via Zoom. You can choose from cooking classes on brownies, mud pies and more! Melt makes London’s most luxurious chocolates, so you and your team will be in good hands for this irresistible team building activity. 

How much does Melt London cost?

Prices start from £20pp, with a 60-minute event, suitable up to 10 participants. Larger bookings may be available via direct contact with Melt London. 

Key points about Melt London


Get your colleagues talking and working together, virtually, by preparing and sharing a meal. Migrateful provides the ultimate way to connect and build relationships within your team. Migrateful is a social enterprise group supporting asylum seekers, refugees and migrants to teach their traditional cuisines to the public. Your chef will be teaching you a traditional dish from their home country, sharing authentic tricks and anecdotes. 

How much does Migrateful cost?

Classes are ideal for groups of 10-25. Starting at £40pp for the online class. A postal package with ingredients is optional, starting at £80pp depending on your chosen package. 

Key points about Migrateful 

Mix & Rise

Mix & Rise host interactive cooking masterclasses creating delicious vegan treats. You and your team can pick up top tips from your engaging baker host and impress your team with an impressive vegan bake!

How much does Mix & Rise cost?

£430 + VAT for the first 8 people, then £53.50pp + VAT for each additional participant (UK delivery included). 

Key points about Mix & Rise

Pleesecakes BYOAH

Build your own Pleesecake at home! This is a fun and creative self-led virtual cooking class, perfect for getting the team involved. With an array of cheesecakes to choose from, this is a team-building exercise guaranteed to get everyone excited. 

How much does Pleesecakes BYOAH cost?

Various kits available, kits starting from £28 + delivery. 

Key points about Pleesecakes BYOAH

Room Forty

Room Forty offers private baking class options to suit your team’s baking ability, including; baking for beginners, Italian breads, cinnamon buns and more. Cooking classes can be arranged to suit you and your team – nothing is too much trouble! 

How much does Room Forty cost?

Prices start from £55pp (may be different for virtual)

Key points about Room Forty

Team Tactics

A seriously tasty cooking class, Team Tactics offers ‘Doughnut Worry Be Happy’, during which your host will guide you and your team through the decoration of four doughnuts. You’ll receive a DIY doughnut kit and can choose from a selection of delicious doughnut flavour combinations. 

How much does Team Tactics cost?

Price depends on the number of participants. Contact for bespoke quote.

Key points about Team Tactics

Virtual Cocktail Making Classes

Boozy Events

A great ice breaker (literally), Boozy Events will have your group shaking, mixing and pouring delicious cocktails but more importantly they can get the group interacting with each other. They send their cocktail packs all over the world and can even host the classes in multiple languages. Guests who drink and do not drink alcohol get to shake up the same cocktails.

How much does a Boozy Events class cost?

The price depends on the number of participants, but prices start at £34.50 per person.

Key points about Boozy Events

Virtual Mystery Games

What better way to unite your team and improve communication than attempting to solve a virtual mystery? Virtual mystery games involve you and your team acting out a story, working together to solve the mystery! Virtual mystery games improve problem solving skills and teamwork. They also give you a chance to get to know your colleagues better and have some fun! 

Chronyko – The Temple

The Temple is a remote activity where you and your colleagues will explore an Inca Temple using a remotely operated vehicle. Working as a team, you will work through the complex series of tunnels that has protected the secrets of the lost temple. This will be a real test of your teamwork skills!

How much does Chronyko – The Temple cost?

‘The Temple’ supports 4-8 participants and lasts around 90 minutes. Get in touch with Chronyko for a quote.

Key points about Chronyko – The Temple

Clue HQ

Clue HQ offers ‘the perfect exhilarating, exciting, entertaining team building, escape the room experience’! With different experiences to choose from, you and your team will work your way through a 360° escape room environment, with new items to discover as you work through the game. 

How much does Clue HQ cost?

A 60 minute experience costing £15 per team (up to six players). 

Key points about Clue HQ

Escape Live

Escape Live have taken their award-winning physical Escape Rooms from around the country and made them available to play online! You and your team take full control of an Escape Live games master. They will be in one of their physical rooms, acting as your eyes, ears, hands and feet. You and your team must follow the clues and complete the puzzles to escape! 

How much does Escape Live cost?

Prices range from £20-£85, with the activity lasting around 60 minutes. Ideal for 2-10 players.

Key points about Escape Live

Hidden City – Moriarty’s Game

In this immersive virtual game, you and your team must track down a criminal mastermind, taking the role of private investigator. You’ll plan undercover operations and infiltrate criminal syndicates – making choices that will determine your path. You and your colleagues will follow the game on your phone, either collaboratively in a team, or competitively. 

How much does Hidden City cost?

Tickets cost £11 per person for episode 1, with 60 to 90 minutes of gameplay. 

Key points about Hidden City?

Jury Games

Your team has been summoned as remote jurors. You must review evidence, speak to the accused and make a decision – guilty or not guilty? Jury Games is described by The Daily Telegraph as a fascinating team building exercise! 

How much does Jury Games cost? 

Follow Jury Games on LinkedIn for 10% off! 

Key points about Jury Games

Maple Mystery Games

Maple Mystery Games offer easy-to-host virtual murder mystery events, suitable for both beginners and experienced sleuths! With fun characters and themes with twists and turns – Maple Mystery Games will certainly be a virtual team building experience to remember! 

How much does Maple Mystery Games cost?

Prices start from just £17. 

Key points about Maple Mystery Games


Impress your team with ONIGO’s virtual escape room experiences – from underwater treasure chests to quests against dragons. ONIGO is set to provide fun, feel-good escape games that bring the team together and boost morale! 

How much does ONIGO cost?

Virtual escape room experiences cost £15pp + VAT.

Key points about ONIGO

Organise Events

Organise Events offers a variety of virtual murder mysteries to choose from – getting the team working together to solve the puzzle! Choose from classic murder mystery to mysteries inspired by a much loved board game! Can you guess which one it might be?

How much does Organise Events cost?

Prices start from £60 for up to 20 people. 

Key points about Organise Events

  • Tel: 07792 517803

Play Dead London

London’s premier immersive murder mystery company, Play Dead London have various mystery-style scenarios ready to play, from space mysteries to a quiz show gone wrong!

How much does Play Dead London cost?

From £13.50pp (According to AVA Experience)

Key points about Play Dead London

Play Foundry – The Office Party

Play Foundry’s ‘The Office Party’ is an inclusive problem-solving game which involves solving a crime as a team to save the day. This is a fun, interactive way to break the ice and have fun with colleagues! 

How much does Play Foundry – The Office Party cost?

From £16.70pp (according to AVA Experience). 

Key points about Play Foundry – The Office Party

See Your City

See Your City provides you and your team with virtual quests through history and culture. With choices of British Espionage Tour, Scotland’s Darkest Secrets and more – we’re sure you’ll find something that will engage the whole team from the comfort of their own homes!

How much does See Your City cost?

Prices start from £5pp.

Key points about See Your City

Swamp Motel – Plymouth Point

Plymouth Point is an internet-based immersive mystery game, providing a fun, social and innovative team building experience. Plymouth point has already been enjoyed by remote teams at some of the world’s most innovative companies.

How much does Swamp Motel – Plymouth Point cost?

Prices start from £28 per person + VAT. 

Key points about Swamp Motel – Plymouth Point

Virtual Craft Workshops

Virtual craft workshops are a great way to enhance creative problem-solving skills and engage the creative side of your brain. Creative thinking benefits all teams, not just those in creative fields! Virtual craft workshops include a whole host of activities, requiring you to flex those crafting muscles!

Botanical Boys

Ben and Daz of Botanical Boys began their journey in 2009 and their passion for plants has grown from there. Joining in on their workshops, you and your team get the opportunity to not only make a beautiful terrarium, but learn about all the natural elements involved! 

How much does Botanical Boys cost?

Price depends on terrarium choice, ranging £75pp – £152 + VAT. Perfect for 10-50 participants. 

Key points about Botanical Boys

Craft and Giggles

Looking for some ‘Virtual Crafty fun’ for you and your team? Craft and Giggles offer virtual craft party workshops from Ceramic Painting to Pompom Decorations. Your virtual workshop will be full of giggles, guaranteed to unite your team. 

How much does Craft and Giggles cost?

Classes start from £18pp depending on choice of craft. Each guest will receive all supplies and will only need to provide their own scissors. 

Key points about Craft and Giggles

Crave Workshops 

Crave Workshops connect your remote team through art, aiming to inspire and entertain. The team at Crave Workshops will guide you and your colleagues through an art project. You’ll receive personalised packages, designed to let you release stress and escape through art!

How much does Crave Workshops cost?

Workshops are completely customisable, therefore price will be discussed upon enquiry. 

Key points about Crave Workshops 

Cookston Crafts

Cookston Crafts is based in rural Aberdeenshire and is a real haven for craft lovers – now offering virtual craft workshop experiences!

How much does Cookston Crafts cost?

Key points about Cookston Crafts

Hackney Arts

Get creative with your team in one of Hackney Arts virtual craft workshops. Choose from virtual marbling to indoor gardening, watercolour painting to tie-dye classes – something for everyone!

How much does Hackney Arts cost?

Prices available upon request. 

Key points about Hackney Arts

Judith Blacklock Flower School

A crafting experience with a difference, Judith Blacklock Flower School offers Virtual Flower School craft workshops! You and your team will be sent out a box of hand-tied bouquet flowers and this unique workshop will teach how to make the perfect hand-tied bouquet!

How much does Judith Blacklock Flower School cost?

Price upon application. 

Key points about Judith Blacklock Flower School


Get creative online with M.Y.O! De-stress, create, connect and have fun with your team. M.Y.O offers craft workshops perfect for beginners. You and your team can choose between classes which require postal kits or ones which simply just require household items!

How much does M.Y.O cost?

Prices depend on the chosen class, starting from £200. Minimum group size is 10. 

Key points about M.Y.O

Papershake Origami

Online Virtual Origami Workshops, offering a creative and engaging way to keep teams together whilst physically apart! No specialist equipment needed, just paper and some pens/pencils. Papershake Origami provides an easy team building activity!

How much does Papershake Origami cost?

Email to find out costs and availability

Key points about Papershake Origami

Pot Heads Pottery

Pot Heads Pottery offers a fun and relaxing way to get the team together and improve connections whilst working remotely. This is a virtual team building activity like no other, allowing you and your team to unwind and relax through pottery. 

How much does Pot Heads Pottery cost?

Prices start from £250, suitable for all group sizes. 

Key points about Pot Heads Pottery

Scotts Apothecary 

Join Scotts Apothecary with your colleagues and make your own luxury aromatherapy soy wax candles! Learn about the art of candle making with a virtual craft workshop that can be adapted to suit your team.

How much does Scotts Apothecary cost?

Workshops start from £58pp +VAT (including UK delivery) – according to AVA Experience. 

Key points about Scotts Apothecary

Tea & Crafting

Jane created Tea & Crafting in 2009 to share her love of all things crafty! You and your team can craft in the comfort of your own home, choosing from one of the pre-made craft workshops or create a tailored programme to suit your team’s needs. 

How much does Tea & Crafting cost?

Classes start from £25pp. 

Key points about Tea & Crafting

The Crafty Hen

The Crafty Hen offers a relaxing creative experience, giving you and your team the chance to socialise as well as promoting creative thinking and wellness too! You and your team can choose from a variety of crafting workshops, from wreath making to ceramic painting! 

How much does The Crafty Hen cost?

£100 flat fee for the workshops, plus individual craft kits per person. Price varies depending on chosen craft activity. 

Key points about The Crafty Hen

The Neon Tea Party

The Neon Tea Party is on a mission to empower you and your team to celebrate creativity through colourful crafting! Your craft workshop will be the ultimate team building party, with a craft TEAcher to inspire creativity and an Event MC, ready to welcome guests, lead icebreakers and manage zoom. 

How much does The Neon Tea Party cost?

Price provided upon enquiry. 

Key points about The Neon Tea Party

Virtual Entertainers

We get it, team building can be an exhausting thought for some teams. But, team building doesn’t always need to involve learning a new skill or solving a crime! There are plenty of virtual entertainers looking to bring your team together through their uniquely entertaining shows! Simply just sit back and enjoy…

Alex Ranahan

Alex Ranahan specialises in uniting teams, taking your team building event from boring to celebration! Alex Ranahan offers engaging team building sessions full of comedy – guaranteeing an unforgettable experience. 

How much does Alex Ranahan cost?

Bespoke pricing based on event. 

Key points about Alex Ranahan

Chris Reads Minds

Chris Reads Minds is an online magician based in London. His shows are described as an interactive, memorable and worthwhile time! This online entertainment show is said to be a highly interactive experience – getting your whole team involved! 

How much does Chris Reads Minds cost?

Key points about Chris Reads Minds

Edinburgh Zoo

Looking for a unique, relaxed experience that all the team will love? Join Edinburgh Zoo Rangers and take a customised tour of Edinburgh Zoo via Zoom! You and your team can learn some new animal facts as well as taking a look behind the scenes of Edinburgh Zoo! 

How much does Edinburgh Zoo cost?

Prices start from £7.50 per person, depending on the chosen package. 

Key points about Edinburgh Zoo

Fergus Flanagan

Fergus Flanagan, BAFTA award-winning magician, hosts a digital magic show full of mind blowing tricks involving you and your team. This is an unforgettable activity that will keep your colleagues talking for a long time!

How much does Fergus Flanagan cost?

Prices vary depending on the chosen package. Starting from £600 + VAT for Bronze Show (25 minutes). 

Key points about Fergus Flanagan

Keith Barry

Inspire, motivate and entertain your team with Keith Barry – offering virtual brain hacking shows perfect for team building. Keith aims to create a winning mindset using the same techniques he has used with top athletes and business professionals around the world for more than two decades!

How much does Keith Barry cost?

Prices available upon request. 

Key points about Keith Barry

Paul Fowler Magic

Paul is an award-winning professional providing virtual entertainment via video call. Paul has created the perfect blend of live virtual magic and mind reading, ensuring a virtual experience like no other! 

How much does Paul Fowler Magic cost?

Prices available upon request. 

Key points about Paul Fowler Magic

Sassy Steve

Sassy Steve makes online artistic entertainment special, fun and memorable. He offers online caricaturing and silhouetting via Zoom. You and your guests can be sketched in a required time frame – from 5 minutes to 15, and receive a digital file of your artwork! 

How much does Sassy Steve cost?

Hourly rate starts at just £60. 

Key points about Sassy Steve

Painting Workshops

A screenshot from Party ‘n’ Paint.

There are many, many benefits to painting; including stress relief and improved observation skills! Painting is also said to bring fresh ideas, leading to a more productive team. A virtual painting workshop involves simply learning from your host and creating something beautiful… well, hopefully! 

Art Sippers

Art Sippers brings you a hassle-free virtual painting workshop! Hosted by resident artists, with music, quizzes, jokes and even a competition prize! Paint Sippers will have you getting creative with a paintbrush in one hand and a cheeky sip in the other!

How much does Art Sippers cost?

Prices available upon enquiry. 

Key points about Art Sippers

Brush and Bubbles

Brush and Bubbles are offering exclusive, online, professional painting workshops – encouraging your team to stay creative and inspired while working from home! Workshops will be pre-filmed, with you and your team choosing what you want to paint! 

How much does Brush and Bubbles cost?

Prices available upon request.

Key points about Brush and Bubbles

Brush Party

Brush Party hosts fun and effective virtual team building activities that your employees will love! These highly interactive painting workshops can build rapport, improve communication and let your team learn more about each other! 

How much does Brush Party cost?

Prices start at £140 +20% VAT for 12 painters, excluding art materials. Additional painters are charged at £11.67 +VAT per head. Art materials can be posted out for as little as £15.99 +20% VAT per painter. 

Key points about Brush Party

Master Peace

Master Peace offers a relaxing and peaceful painting workshop guided by a professional artist. This team building event will teach you and your colleagues how to paint a professional artist’s piece and how to practise mindfulness through painting! 

How much does Master Peace cost?

‘Special Arty Party’ – described as the perfect event for teams & corporate is priced at £56pp. 

Key points about Master Peace

Party n Paint

Party n Paint’s interactive painting workshops have proved very popular with companies for boosting morale, encouraging creativity and having a little fun! Their resident artist guides you through creating a canvas painting whilst they also have the added feature of a DJ playing great music as you paint! Throw in competitions, games and guilty pleasure music requests and you have the ultimate virtual painting experience!

How much does Party n Paint cost?

Prices available upon request.

Key points about Party n Paint

Virtual Quiz Games

We know that everyone sickened themselves of quizzes during lockdown. But, these are quizzes with a difference, sure to ignite competitiveness within your team! Hosted by professionals, a virtual quiz is a great way to have some fun with your team and engage remotely. 

BuckBuck Games

BuckBuck Games offer a variety of online team games including; Big Quiz of Utter Nonsense, The Lord’s Apprentice, Questiny and White Rabbit’s Hole. BuckBuck Games is described as a refreshing interactive experience – stimulating the mind and boosting creativity!

How much does BuckBuck Games cost?

Price ranges from £18pp – £35pp. 

Key points about BuckBuck Games

BucketRace – A Journey Through The History of Gameshows

A Journey Through The History of Gameshows is a virtual, interactive, competitive game that takes players on a journey through the history of game shows. You and your colleagues will compete head-to-head in some of the most popular games from each decade.

How much does BucketRace cost?

£25pp with a minimum of 16 players – £400. Additional players charged at £25pp. 

Key points about BucketRace

Challenge Zone

Challenge Zone offers various quiz-show events to get the team involved with, including ‘friendly-fortunes’, ‘Say what you see’ and more – all hosted by a professional Challenge Zone host. 

How much does Challenge Zone cost?

1-12 people from £175, 13-25 from £250, 26+ from £375.

Key points about Challenge Zone


Eventurous offers a range of fun and interactive team building experiences to test general knowledge as well as teamwork! Whether you’re looking for a codebreaker challenge or ‘company fortunes’ – Eventurous has a solution. 

How much does Eventurous cost?

Prices available upon request

Key points about Eventurous


QuizQuizQuiz provides virtual quiz events that maximise fun, socialising, engagement, and interaction! A hassle-free option that can be tailored to fit your team. The team at QuizQuizQuiz are quiz professional masters and experts in delivering the perfect quiz!

How much does QuizQuizQuiz cost?

Price available upon enquiry. 

Key points about QuizQuizQuiz

Right Here Productions – ‘Blankety Blank’ TV Show Night

What better way to get your team engaged virtually than hosting a Blankety Blank night just for you! Right Here Productions create content personalised to members of the group, making for an interactive quiz night! 

How much does Right Here Productions cost?

This activity costs £225 – including a host, technical facilitator and prizes for all contestants. Minimum 10 people. 

Key points about Right Here Productions

Social Isolation

Enjoy Fun Party Bingo with Social Isolation – sure to have you and your colleagues signing and dancing along all night! Instead of numbers being called out, you’ll hear amazing songs – with personalised playlists to suit your tastes!

How much does Social Isolation cost?

Price varies depending on requirements. 

Key points about Social Isolation

White Rhino

White Rhino offers various team building activities including ‘Around The World Team Challenge’! You and your team will experience a virtual globe-trotting trip around the world, visiting 22 countries while putting teamwork, collaboration and creativity to the test!

How much does White Rhino cost?

Prices available upon request.

Key points about White Rhino

5 Virtual Graduation Celebration Ideas

5 Virtual Graduation Celebration Ideas

The last year had everyone miss out on a lot of things and even though lockdown restrictions are eased, it will still be a while until everything will be back to ‘normal’.

Covid-19 has made the majority work go remote and for many newcomers to the world of working this has become extremely isolating and made them miss out on getting to know colleagues and social activities. It’s no surprise that this will also affect how newcomers finish their graduate schemes.

Fortunately, employers are not tied to in-person celebrations for their hard-working graduates. Virtual celebrations are on the rise and there are more and more possibilities to celebrate the end of a graduate scheme virtually and making sure they feel appreciated.

Here are some virtual celebration ideas for graduate schemes that will definitely be remembered by your graduates.

Cocktail Making Class

Thank You Gifts

Share Memories


Celebrate Achievements

Cocktail making class

Reaching milestones call for champagne or other celebratory drinks. Successfully finishing a graduate programme is one such milestone that lets everyone cheer with drinks. Fear not, just because this might not be available physically at the moment, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate and toast your graduates.

Boozy Events have hosted countless online cocktail classes and their live interactive virtual cocktail making classes are perfect to get everyone together. No previous experience or cocktail kit is required as everyone will receive the ingredients in the post beforehand. On the day everyone will meet up via a video platform and join an expert mixologist in an interactive masterclass where they will shake up delicious cocktails. Sometimes the supervisors stay throughout, other times they only take part in the class and leave the graduates to enjoy the cocktails together.

They can also incorporate your companies branding or internship programme logo into the cocktails which makes them even more special.

Thank you gifts

Everyone loves to feel appreciated and enjoys receiving unexpected gifts in the mail. You can send thank you gifts to your graduates after they have successfully finished their graduate schemes and show them how much you appreciate and value their hard work.

There are many different ideas for thank you gifts and inspiration. Think leavers jumpers to celebrate your graduates or branded stationery such as pens and notebooks. This will also allow supervisors or colleagues to leave nice notes for the graduates. Other ideas could be letterbox bouquets, wellness gift cards or shopping vouchers. To hit your graduate’s sweet tooth, graduation style cookies or cakes always add a nice little touch to thank you gifts.

Most importantly when it comes to thanking you gifts is to keep the graduates and their interests in mind to create the perfect gift they won’t forget. Your remote graduates will feel and appreciate the personal touch which often gets lost with virtual events.

Share Memories

Your graduates have usually been with you for one or two years. During this time they got to meet a lot of colleagues, created memories and experiences. Why not collate all those memories together and put them in a virtual scrapbook. Including photos, videos and memories from colleagues and friends the graduates have met during their time at your company will help them cherish the time even more. Ideas to include in the scrapbook are:

  • funniest moments
  • greatest win
  • team boding stories
  • favourite activity
  • proudest moments
  • predictions for the future

Once all the information is gathered, put them in the video scrapbook together with videos and photos to have lifelong memories. Video scrapbooks can be uploaded on Youtube and Instagram too.


One thing the majority of virtual events are lacking is decorations. Attending in-person events immediately put you in the mood for the event when you enter the event venue which often includes thought through and tangible decorations. Just because your graduate celebrations are held online does not mean that they have to miss out on this experience. Think about aspects graduates would expect at an in-person event; give them their mortar hats, custom stoles and banners.

Other ideas for virtual event decorations could be customised backgrounds; think brand colours, logo or funny backgrounds related to your graduate’s interests. Or go one step further and use photos, videos and other memories to create an interactive video background to make them think about the amazing time they had.

Celebrate Achievements

Official ceremonies always include toasts and acknowledging achievements. In a virtual setting, this can be a good opportunity to celebrate their achievements and should not be missed. Make sure that everyone has a glass of bubbly or the cocktails you have previously made at the ready and clink your glasses virtually.

To make it interesting for the graduates and keep them entertained, a speaker should be invited who the graduates have an interest in; think influencers or celebrities. If there is a lack of funds choose someone from your team who has a great relationship with the graduates and knows them well.

To boost their achievements and confidence, even more, celebrate your graduates on social media. You probably already celebrate friends and families achievements on your personal accounts. Why not use your company’s account to celebrate your graduate’s achievements and show your followers how proud you are. This is probably one of the easiest and free celebration ideas but may open new doors for your graduates. Talk about the projects they were involved in or goals they have achieved; trust us there will be enough to celebrate.

These are some ideas to make your virtual celebration for graduate schemes or programmes a success. You’ll never go wrong when you show that you appreciate their hard work and keep their interests in mind. Virtual celebrations are not the same as in-person events but trust us there are enough opportunities to give your graduates the chance for an appropriate celebration.

6 Ways To Promote Your Brand During Virtual Events

6 Ways To Promote Your Brand During Virtual Events

A lot has changed over the last 12 months.

The world has turned upside down from one day to another – online has ingrained itself even more in our everyday life. Dabbling in the virtual world of events last year by hosting pub quizzes or birthday parties, zoom and other platforms have become everyone’s best friend. Now, 1 year in everyone has adapted to this new(ish) digital world and virtual events are a staple in everyone’s calendar. From bumpy starts last year, virtual events are booming everywhere from virtual cocktail classes to festivals held online; with one goal – bringing us all together.

Of course, the experience of virtual events is different to an in-person event as it is harder to engage and excite attendees. However, the massive shift from offline to online has taken its course in the age of Covid-19 and it seems that many companies favour the shift to online and remote working. This could mean that virtual events are here to stay and become part of the new normal.

Virtual events open up massive new opportunities for brands to promote themselves but be aware that this will not happen automatically. Careful considerations and strategies are needed to make the best use of the spotlight. From gift boxes and branded backgrounds to exciting speakers; don’t be subtle and use your creativity to best promote your brand at virtual events.

Here are 6 of the most promising and  impactful ways to promote your brand at virtual events:

Branded Gift Boxes

Everyone loves freebies and branded products have been proven successful for in-person events to increase brand recognition. Even though many events are happening online now, branded gift boxes should not be overlooked.

Send branded gift boxes to the team which contain promotional items such as branded snacks, branded items or cocktail shakers. This will form positive associations in the minds of the recipients and will stick around much longer than the event itself.

Don’t just do it for the sake of it though! Carefully consider what should be inside the gift boxes and don’t shove random bits in them. The content should reflect your business in a creative and clever approach. The goodie bags should showcase your company’s values or what you would like to emphasise with the event; whether this may be sustainability, innovation or creativity. Be sure to reflect that.

So, a branded gift box could be your secret weapon to connect with your audience and keep in their minds. Keep in mind that with the shift to virtual events more planning is needed as the boxes need to be shipped on time. Start early enough because you don’t want anyone to miss out.

Invite A Speaker

It’s much harder to keep your audience engaged and create excitement at virtual events. Inviting a management figure or even celebrity to talk about your brand. This can create excitement and spark your target audience interest. Don’t worry if you’re lacking funds to invite a celebrity; a cameo can already be effective.

Think about who to invite as a speaker. Ask yourself if they are relevant for your business or of interest to your audience. Make sure the speaker knows what they are doing and have to experience in online events as this requires other skills than in-person event speakers.

A cheaper option might be to use a service such as Cameo to have a celebrity record an intro for your event.

Branded Cocktail Garnish

Branded Cocktail Garnishes

It’s nothing new that cocktails and brands go hand in hand; think James Bond and Martini or Sex and the City and Cosmopolitan. We can incorporate a virtual cocktail making class into your programme of events and have your guests shake up cocktails that are named after your product, service or brand will allow your business to create a more unique and personal experience and offer a ‘wow factor’.

Take things to the next level and use your creativity for branded cocktails; think about using your brand colours to create unique cocktails with a twist or use branded garnishes to represent your brand. This will not only create excitement for your audience, but they are likely to share images and messages on social media and every drink will boost your business.

Logos are another way to brand your cocktails. There are different ways to add them to your cocktail; think edible printing on sugar sheets, laser etching of ice, ice stamping, cattle branding for garnishes or stencilling.

Social Media

Social Media can work in your favour to reach brand exposure during a virtual event. Don’t limit it to just the platform you are hosting the event, use other social media platforms and encourage your audience to interact with your posts, run polls and quizzes, use stories and share content.

It is likely that your audience will post on social media during the event; creating a hashtag for the event can help you to see what your audience is posting about your event which your brand can interact with. A social media wall is also a fancy way to embed real-time interactions on your event platform to achieve maximum results.

Make sure that there is a lot of shareable branded content during a virtual event that gets the audience excited and looks amazing on social media. This will create buzz prior and during the event.

custom virtual background

Custom Virtual Background

To enhance brand visibility and get your message across, virtual bespoke backgrounds are an effective method to promote your business. This will also cover up your bland or outdated decor in a creative and fun way. The quickest and easiest method is to use your logo and colour palette but there are other ways too.

A bespoke virtual background can work great, but if there is a lot of movement you should consider using video-based backgrounds or slides to share your message. This could include full-motion videos or animations which represent your brand and showcase your products and services.


Sometimes gift boxes may not be appropriate or feasible for your virtual event; whether they are too expensive or time-intensive. Freebies can still be a great way to promote your brand and incentivise audience participation. Incentives should be easily associated with your brand and event-related. An example could be a product giveaway at a product launch.

Think competition-style giveaways through quizzes, prize draws or other competitions. Social media has become the go-to for such competitions as it increases brand exposure. Another clever solution is the gamification of virtual events, using digital rewards. To make it more inclusive and beat the cheaters, think about a points-to-rewards strategy where audience engagement will be rewarded throughout the virtual event.

Creativity and out of the box thinking on how to promote your brand during a virtual event will ultimately reward your business. You can decide how daring and extra you want to be as there are many different ways. Include all of ours tips in your next virtual event or only choose one; that’s totally up to you.  If you are still unsure how to proceed, take inspiration from others or get in touch with us to figure out how to best promote your brand during a virtual event.

Rain Check: Beer Garden Back-Up Plans

Rain Check: Beer Garden Back-Up Plans

How it works

We’ve made our reservations for getting back into the cocktail bar and I am sure you have too. However, we have all been let down before so we want to help you alleviate some of those worries with our new service; Rain Check.

Submit any evidence that you’ve made a reservation at a hospitality venue and we will reserve a timeslot for a virtual event of your choose (you don’t even need to choose until nearer the time) up until 7 days before the event.

Although a little rain often doesn’t deter the hardiest of pub-goers


We host a wide range of virtual events such as online cocktail making classes, virtual rum masterclasses, virtual gin flights and even whisky tastings. You don’t need to choose what you want to do just now, simply get back in touch with us nearer the time. But hopefully, we’ll be joining you in the beer garden.


It’s as simple as this:

  1. Enter your details and choose a date & time that you’d like to reserve.
  2. Submit any evidence of an in-person reservation.
  3. Then for just £1, we will keep the slot for you up until 7 days prior to the date
  4. Carry on with your in-person plans. But, if things go bad, we’re here to help organise a virtual activity for you. 😀

Drop your file here or click here to upload
Price: £ 1.00
Times Are Changing: The Undisputed Rise of the Italian Aperitivo

Times Are Changing: The Undisputed Rise of the Italian Aperitivo

Unfrozen In Culture 

Aperire, Aprire…Aperitivo. Little has changed from the original Latin and Italian translation ‘to open’. A drink with a powerful, textured history – the aperitivo has ingrained it’s way into the veins of Italian culture. From humble medicinal beginnings, the Italian bitter best-friend is blooming everywhere from cosmopolitan hubs to rural gastro-pubs; impressing us all along the way. 

On the cobbled row’s of Milan between 7pm-9pm; the aperitivo comes out to play. Hailing historical promises of appetite stimulation, the impeccably dressed waiters flood the tables with vivid, effervescent refreshments, coupled perfectly with demure plates of food. Appetite officially stimulated, the families and restaurant-goers of Italy await in anticipation for the meal that follows. 

The aperitivo has been frozen in Italian patrimony until not too long ago. Now, the bustling back-streets of London are alight with the dazzling colours of Aperol and Campari. The cheeky spritz has become an after-work staple for many, replacing the hefty glass of red or the fattening pint. 

A Guilt-Free Tiple 

From appetite stimulator to social elegance; the British have acquired quite a taste for the low-alcohol, quick and easy thirst quencher. Regardless of its impressive heritage, the drink has been welcomed into the open arms of cocktails bars and restaurants across the UK. If it isn’t to inspire a pre-meal craving, why are these drinks becoming increasingly popular? 

Trends are the cultural moods of society. Representing our dislikes and desires, they come and go akin to the whims of an emotional teenager. Wellness and self-care are characteristic trends that often rival the hedonistic excess of cosmopolitan cities. This being said, the aperitivo fits like a bespoke glove into the psyche of health-conscious drinkers. Rather than ruining a well-maintained diet for a few glasses of wine or a sugary cocktail, many avid drinkers are opting for the healthy, low-calorie Aperol spritz or Campari. Surpassing the meal-based practicality, the aperitivo seems to also be a proven way to enjoy a guilt-free drink for those who worry. Perhaps this is why the Italians seem to get away with excessive eating and drinking without the belt-busting. 

The Great Taste Shift 

So, a cheeky aperitivo has become a secret weapon in the armoury of dieting drinkers. Yet it has become so much more than that. An influx in overall healthier eating messages has bolstered the sales of global aperitivo brands. Shifting away from sugar based liquor towards

more plant-based ingredients generally means more bitter flavouring, hence the wave of new bitters flooding a culture-driven market. 

Dwindling are the days of binge-driven consumption, and in their place emerges an awareness of balance and appreciation. Heavy, sugary cocktails riddled with complexity are making way for aperitivos alongside bijou plates of food; ensuring stability and simplicity with a complimentary bitterness. One thing is for sure, the Italians certainly know what they’re doing. 

New Realms 

The low alcohol content of the aperitivo gives a softening edge to the abundance of high level spirits that pervade the concoctions of our pubs, bars and restaurants. The drinks market is starting to take a fancy to low or no alcohol drinks, and it seems consumers couldn’t agree more. Companies are adopting non-alcoholic strategies that bring the relevance of the drink into the other niche’s of drink consumption. Hot on the triumphant heels of the mocktail, companies like Tuscan Tree are merging the acquired taste for the bitter aperitivo into the non-alcoholic, low calorie sector; seizing the haunches of new cultural trends.

Image copyright of yesmorecontent

Drinks Business of the Year 2020

Drinks Business of the Year 2020

We have been recognised as Drinks Business of the Year at the Virtual Society Awards!

The Virtual Society Awards celebrate hard-working individuals and businesses throughout the north-east of Scotland – with 2020 focusing on how innovative entrepreneurs in the area adapted to the coronavirus pandemic. We are absolutely delighted to be recognised amongst some first-class local businesses.

We were among many other incredible finalists that have also worked incredibly hard, including House of Botanicals and The Wandering Bartender. All of the businesses nominated have accomplished a huge amount, considering what whirl-wind 2020 has been. The northeast of Scotland is full of innovative businesses and individuals!

We decided to launch virtual cocktail masterclasses after the Covid-19 outbreak when face-to-face classes were no longer an option. Now, our cocktail packages and classes are being enjoyed by people based as far away as Luxembourg, Belgium, Israel, New Zealand, France, Greece, Italy, and the United States. We are so proud to have received recognition for our efforts over the last year.

We couldn’t have done any of this without our incredible team for making this happen, our suppliers, and our customers for their continued support. We would also like to thank the judges of Virtual Society Awards, and the sponsor of our award – Rutabaga.

Virtual Society Awards winners:

  • Food Business of the Year – Amity Fish Company
  • Best Virtual Event of the Year – Design and Code
  • Hair and Beauty Business of the Year – Harris & Fox
  • Fitness, Health and Wellbeing Award of the Year –  Temple Clinic.
  • Restaurant/Cafe of the Year – Eat on The Green
  • Drinks Business of the Year – Boozy Events
  • Best Social Media Presence of the Year – Smoke and Soul.
  • Best Collaboration of the Year – Design and Code
  • Judges’ Choice: Outstanding Contribution Award – Siberia Bar & Hotel’s director Stuart McPhee
Virtual Cocktail Making First Date

Virtual Cocktail Making First Date

Virtual Cocktail Making Date Night

Nobody wants to be alone over Christmas and with the on-going coronavirus lockdowns, it makes dating a little more difficult to do safely.

Some people have taken to going “in” for a meal, where each person orders a takeaway from Just Eat or Deliveroo to each other’s homes – an interesting idea we thought, so we spoke to Chris Pleines from Dating Scout to get some tips for online dating.

No doxxing

Never share details like your home address and bank details. In online dating, you should be very wary of the people you meet—even if it is someone you have been talking to for the longest time. Some people do everything they want to lure you into their trap and do illegal things using your identity. Others, using your personal and bank information can make purchases under your name. In online language, don’t doxx yourself!

If it sounds too good to be true, chances are, it is
Anyone can say anything on their profiles, and not many online dating sites or apps have the resources (or even the means) to verify every information. So as an added security layer, you should be able to discern whether someone is telling the truth or not on their profiles.

Say no to suspicious links
One of the infamous phishing techniques is by sending an unsuspecting victim a link. Once you click this, you’re somehow forwarded elsewhere—the next thing you know, the scammer already accessed your email, password, linked accounts and other pertinent details. The moral of this story is always to be wary of suspicious attachments or links sent your way. Ask your match what it is all about and check the structure of the link itself. Is the site reputable? Did your match give you a detailed description of what the link is all about? If no and no, make sure you close that chat tab, keep an eye out on this particular user, and report if they send another link again.


Get over those first date nerves with some cocktails.

We cannot help with the cybersecurity risks, but we can help you go for a night “in” with your latest match without the need to share personal information or what the professionals call, “doxxing”.

We’ve hosted dozens of virtual cocktail making classes for every type of occasion so you can trust us to know what it takes to break down those awkward barriers.

You and your lucky date choose 2 cocktails each and we send both of you the ingredients & equipment to shake up all 4 cocktails.

Best of all, you don’t need to exchange payment information or even your home address with your match (we know there are plenty of catfishes and creeps out there!).

Then our professional mixologist will meet you on Zoom where we will shake up the cocktails, help you get to know each other and break the ice… literally.

virtual dating


How it works

  1. You and your date pick 2 cocktails each from our delicious menu below. 🍸
  2. You will be given an order number which your date supplies to us when they place their order and cocktail selection. 📋
  3. This means you don’t need to disclose any personal information to the other person and all your communications stay on the dating app until you are ready to shake things up. 🤫
  4. Prior to your scheduled date night, both of you will receive a package containing all the ingredients, garnishes and equipment required to shake up the cocktails. 📦
  5. On the day we will send you both a link to join the private Zoom class where our mixologist will guide you through making the drinks. 🎦
  6. Once the drinks are made, we will leave you alone to chat more and decide if you want to exchange numbers or just leave the meeting! 😬


Cocktail virtual dating
Cocktail virtual dating
Cocktail virtual dating

Book Here

You can’t choose fate, but you can choose your cocktails!

Cocktail selection