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Dates might vary between countries.


Dry January

Shake up a special no-alcohol menu of cocktails in our signature virtual cocktail class.


Margarita Day

Celebrate Margarita Day with a Mexican inspired cocktail making masterclass or send your team a Margarita Kit complete with everything they’ll need to shake up a classic margarita as well as 2 Boozy twists!


Pancake Day

1st -Celebrate pancake day by sending your team ingredients to make pancakes!

International Womens Day

8th – Celebrate international womens day by shaking up 4 of our cocktails most loved by women.

Mothers Day

27th – Celebrate mothers day by sending the mothers in your team a selection of wines and chocolates.


April Fools

 1st – Get the team together for a virtual quiz and round of 2 truth and a lie. Test their knowledge on company milestones, general knowledge and EACH OTHER!


17th – Bring everyone together in a virtual cocktail making class and shake up indulgent chocolate cocktails. Plus we can send everyone a chocolate easter egg with a custom message on it.

Coffee Week

19th – Gear your team with caffeine before a busy summer period with a coffee care package, filled with a selection of coffee gifts and ready to drink cold brews.  Got something to celebrate? Shake up our special coffee cocktail masterclass!


Cinco De Mayo

5th – Celebrate this holiday with our new Tequila Masterclass. Guests will learn about the history of Tequila and shake up 3 Mexican inspired cocktails including a Margarita & Paloma. This experience can be attended in-person or virtually.

World Cocktail Day

13th – Does this really need explaining?

World Whisky Day

21st – Scotland is famous for 2 things; Whisky and Boozy Events. Dip your toe into the world of Whisky with our entry-level Whisky experience. Your guests will be taught the fundamentals of whisky and try 3 of the most common types as well as shaking up 2 boozy twists on classic whisky cocktails.

World Wine Day

25th – Whether it’s merlot or rose, send your team a selection of wines and tune into our painting with wine masterclass.


Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

2nd to 5th – Celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with our exquisite cocktail menu inspired by British classics.

World Gin Day

8th & 13th – Gin and tonics are very popular, but many people don’t realise how many great cocktails are based on Gin. Shake up to 4 Gin based cocktails during our special gin menu online cocktail making class.

Fathers Day

19th – Treat the fathers in the company with a whisky masterclass. We’ll explore the different regions that Whisky comes from, plus shake up a couple Boozy twists on classic Whisky cocktails.


American Independence Day

4th – Celebrate this holiday with an American themed virtual cocktail making class.

Tequila Day

24th – Jump into the history, myths and tastes of Tequila in one of our Tequila Masterclass.


International Prosecco Day

13th – How many ways can you integrate Prosecco into a cocktail? According to our mixologists at least 4 – so book a cocktail masterclass with us and raise a glass to International Prosecco Day


International Chocolate Day

13th – Indulge your team with 3 of our most decadent chocolate-infused cocktails during a virtual cocktail making masterclass. Complete the package with a chocolate hamper featuring luxury brand name chocolates.


James Bond 007 Appreciation Day

5th – Shake up 3 James Bond themed cocktails in our virtual cocktail making masterclass.


31st – No tricks, just treats this halloween with our spooky virtual cocktail making masterclass.


Guy Fawkes Day

5th – We’ve selected 3 of our signature cocktails for a special fireworks virtual cocktail making masterclass.


Christmas Day

25th – Shake up our special festive cocktail menu from November 10th until January 20th in a Christmas Cocktail Making Masterclass.