Nip through to the kitchen and check your tin cupboard for these ingredients as I have a delicious cocktail for you.

Who doesn’t have a tin of mandarin segments leftover from making rice pudding or a few pineapples rings surplus from when you made gammon and god knows why I originally bought the lemon, but combined with the drinks cupboard stables Aperol and Vodka these will make for a delicious quarantine cocktail.


5 Mandarin Segments
1 Pineapple Ring
5ml Lemon Juice
25ml Aperol
25ml Vodka
1 scoop of ice


Cocktail shaker (Tupperware will work).
Muddler (Wooden spoon will work).


Place the manderin segments, pineapple pieces and lemon juice into a glass and muddle.

Add 25ml of Aperol and 25ml of Vodka

Add a scoop of ice and shake well.
Pour through a sieve into a martini glass.

Stay indoors and enjoy.