Easter Themed Cocktails

by | Apr 12, 2020

Easter Themed Cocktails 1
Easter Themed Cocktails 2

Spring Chicken

75ml Baileys
50ml Vanilla Ice Cream
50ml Milk
25ml White Chocolate Spread

Add everything to a shaker and combine.
Pour the smooth mixture into the chocolate easter egg

Gregor Sey – Instagram @gregorsey

Easter Themed Cocktails 3
Easter Themed Cocktails 4

Here’s the Easter cocktail.

Centred around the British springtime picking brambles off the bushes and fresh herbs starting to grow with the bramble and rosemary syrup. Red grapefruit juice adds a citrus-y bitterness to it. And finally, the white rum brings a sugary molasses sweetness and slight grassy-ness without a lot of the burnt caramel that comes with an aged rum. 

All in all a nice cocktail, happily sipping away at it.

50ml White rum, whatever is at hand
37.5ml Rosemary bramble syrup
25ml Red grapefruit juice

Shaken then doubled strained into a jam jar with ice 

Mark Messer – Instagram @mxrkmssr