How To Host A Virtual Fundraising Event

by | Aug 10, 2021

Virtual events provide a brilliant way to raise lots of funds for your cause – with endless opportunities of fundraising format. We want to show you exactly how easy hosting a virtual fundraising event can be!

A virtual fundraiser, simply, is an online fundraising event. Supporters gather online using video conference software from anywhere in the world. Virtual fundraising is something that nonprofits have experimented with for a while, but interest in virtual events surged during the pandemic. Virtual fundraising events can come in all different shapes and sizes, whatever suits your nonprofit and occasion best!

Why host a virtual fundraising event?

Hosting a virtual fundraising event is a great opportunity to reach donors who may live further afield and would be unable to attend an in-person event. This allows more people to attend which in turn leads to more funds being raised for your cause!

There are plenty of options when it comes to hosting a virtual fundraising event, whether that’s a hybrid event with virtual entertainment and in-person attendees or a mix of in-person and virtual guests! 

So, how do you host a virtual fundraising event?

First things first…

Choose what kind of virtual fundraiser you want to host

You can’t get started with planning your virtual fundraising event until you’ve figured out what kind of event you’d like to host!

There are many possibilities for your virtual fundraiser, including:

  • Games tournament
  • Online auction
  • Peet-to-peer fundraising
  • Quizzes and trivia nights
  • Organise a WOW-element

To get people interested in your virtual fundraising event, you need something exciting to encourage ticket sales or donations. Interactive elements typically work a treat, with attendees feeling like they are a part of the event. 

Boozy Events offer Cocktail Masterclasses with a variety of packages available, perfect for getting attendees excited and ready to donate! 

We can organise a signature cocktail for your event, creating a memorable element for both you and your attendees! Plus, cocktail packages can be completely branded to provide the full experience. 

Publicise your event

Now you’ve organised your key elements, you can promote your event and encourage your regular donors to come along and bring their friends! 

When publicising a virtual event, it’s important to make it super clear how attendees can get involved and what, if anything, they’ll need to join in. Did you know that we can send off any materials your guests may need along with our cocktail packages? This reduces logistical challenges for you, and means attendees will receive everything they’ll need in one parcel!

You can easily create a Facebook Event for your virtual fundraiser, including all the links and information attendees will need. 

Encourage donations

Now, all you need to do is encourage attendees to donate! You can do this through testimonials of your work and promotional videos to show your attendees exactly where the money is going! 

You can also encourage donations through exciting raffle prizes and games to raise extra funds. Online gift card auctions are a unique way to encourage extra funds and are a great way to encourage donors globally! 

Virtual events can be a great way to organise a last-minute fundraiser, reach donors from around the globe and let attendees get to know your cause. Here are our final top tips for hosting a virtual fundraising event:

  • Create a clear vision and purpose for your event, and make it clear for attendees! People want to know exactly what they’re raising money for – and it might make them more likely to donate. 
  • Get your audience involved. Your guests want to feel involved in the event and be able to participate as much as possible. This can be done through games, masterclasses, and more. 
  • Don’t make it a one-time thing! You can host regular virtual fundraising events, given the ability for them to be more last-minute. Incorporating virtual events into your annual event plan will help boost fundraising and keep donors involved. 

If you’d like more information on how we can help you with your virtual fundraising event, get in touch today.