How we hosted a virtual graduation ceremony

by | Feb 2, 2022

How we hosted a virtual graduation ceremony 1
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The Very Group approached us looking to celebrate the graduation of 12 employees. As in-person graduations were not currently permitted due to COVID-19 restrictions, our client wanted their team to feel as special as possible.

The Very Group wanted to provide their graduates with something to experience and something to keep. 

Cocktail making class certificate
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We knew we had the “experience” element handled – it’s what we do! So we opted for a virtual cocktail making class as a starting point for this event.

To enhance this further, a bespoke cocktail was created – the “Very Berry Graduation Cocktail”. This added a personal element to the experience without impacting the clients’ budget.

Two bespoke cocktail toppers were also added to the packs for each guest; one with the company logo and one simply saying “Congratulations”.

Taking inspiration from a traditional graduation ceremony, we got creative with the “something to keep” element. In the pack, we sourced and included one of the most iconic graduation elements – mortarboards.

We wanted to replicate a graduation certificate to complete the ‘ceremony’ – making the ‘note from host’ usually included in our packs, into a personal graduation scroll. We used heavyweight, high-quality paper – rolled and fastened with a red ribbon. Fun fact: our team actually took an online class to ensure the ribbons were perfectly tied, which they were!

We wanted to take the “something to keep” element one step further, and decided to include a full-size bottle of prosecco in each pack. Although the client had initially considered engraving the bottles for a personalised touch, we opted for bespoke labels – giving a high end feel to the finished product and allowing a level of personalisation beyond what is possible with regular engraving.

Careful understanding and a little imagination allowed us to create an event that both delighted the client and gave us the opportunity to exceed expectations.

Our client felt in safe hands throughout the planning process and was pleased with the result, posting a great testimonial on LinkedIn.