Liverpool is a metropolitan borough and the fifth most visited city in the UK (as of 2019). The city is closely associated with pop culture - producing musical artists such as The Beatles, widely regarded as the most influential musical group in history. What better place to host a Boozy masterclass?
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Teams from the worlds largest companies enjoy our classes.

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Services we offer to customers in Liverpool

Virtual Cocktail Making Classes

Boozy Events offer fun, engaging virtual masterclasses for not just Liverpool and the rest of the UK, but for anyone across the globe.

Learn more and book a virtual cocktail making class here.

Online cocktail making

Corporate Events

Liverpool is a hub for various different industries, a great place to host your next corporate event. At Boozy Events, we can create bespoke events tailored to the needs of your event and organisation.

Learn more and book a corporate event party here.

People enjoying a corporate cocktail event

Hybrid Virtual Events

We understand the importance of keeping things flexible. Our hybrid events combine the best parts of in-person and virtual. This involves hosting an in-person masterclass in Liverpool, which can be streamed and enjoyed from anywhere!

Learn more and book a hybrid virtual event here.

Hybrid cocktail making

Mobile Cocktail Bars

Our UK-wide team hosts mobile cocktail bars for guests across Liverpool! Whether it’s a corporate social event or a pop-up bar for your wedding - we have a solution for you.
Learn more and book mobile bar hire here.
Shaking cocktails at a mobile pop-up bar

Garden Cocktail Parties

Scousers love a good bevvy (alcoholic beverage). Garden parties are a great way to gather your loved ones and have a class time! Boozy Events can help you create a memorable garden party that your friends will be talking about for years to come!

Learn more and book a garden party here.

Garden Cocktail Party

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