Rain Check: Beer Garden Back-Up Plans

by | Mar 22, 2021

How it works

We’ve made our reservations for getting back into the cocktail bar and I am sure you have too. However, we have all been let down before so we want to help you alleviate some of those worries with our new service; Rain Check.

Submit any evidence that you’ve made a reservation at a hospitality venue and we will reserve a timeslot for a virtual event of your choose (you don’t even need to choose until nearer the time) up until 7 days before the event.

Rain Check: Beer Garden Back-Up Plans 1
Although a little rain often doesn’t deter the hardiest of pub-goers


We host a wide range of virtual events such as online cocktail making classes, virtual rum masterclasses, virtual gin flights and even whisky tastings. You don’t need to choose what you want to do just now, simply get back in touch with us nearer the time. But hopefully, we’ll be joining you in the beer garden.


It’s as simple as this:

  1. Enter your details and choose a date & time that you’d like to reserve.
  2. Submit any evidence of an in-person reservation.
  3. Then for just £1, we will keep the slot for you up until 7 days prior to the date
  4. Carry on with your in-person plans. But, if things go bad, we’re here to help organise a virtual activity for you. ????

Drop your file here or click here to upload
Price: £ 1.00