Cocktail Making Date Night


Virtual first date without an expensive taxi home.

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Virtual dates without an expensive taxi home.

Getting to know someone over a couple of cocktails has always been the go-to first-date, let’s make it a little more exciting by including an online cocktail making class as an ice-breaker.

You don’t need to share any private information with the other person, your address, email and phone number will be kept secure by us.

How it works

  1. Pick 2 cocktails.
  2. Complete checkout and place your order.
  3. You will receive an email with an order number.
  4. You tell your date your order number, they enter it into the ‘Matches order number’ section and then select 2 cocktails.
  5. They complete checkout.
  6. We send both you and your date an ingredient pack containing all the ingredients required to shake up all 4 selected cocktails.
  7. Our mixologist joins you and your date on Zoom to show you how to create the cocktails.
  8. After the cocktail making class, you and your date will be left alone.

What’s included

  1. All the ingredients to make 4 cocktails (2 chosen by you, 2 chosen by them).
  2. A private cocktail making class.

What’s not included

  1. Good chat-up lines.


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