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Cucumber and Jalapeno Tequila Sour

The Bath Bomb

A drink packed full of fun and flavour. Try and drink this cocktail without smiling... it’s impossible.

Why has no one every paired tequila and popping candy together before...weird, right?

A more-ish cocktail to be served in or out of the bath.


25ml Reposado Tequila

10ml Blue Curacao,

1 lemon Squeezed,

10ml Elderflower Syrup


Rubber Duck

Popping Candy


Start by rimming your glass with popping candy.

Add all ingredients to the shaker except soda water.

Fill the shaker with ice, seal shake and shake for 5 seconds.

Pour all contents over fresh ice into hi-ball or a coupe with no ice and top off with soda

Finally, place in a Stroodle straw and add the rubber duck gently on top of the drink.

Blind Tiger

Blind Tiger

When you’re sipping this cocktail, we want you to imagine that you’re sitting deep inside the Indian jungle. Surrounded by exotic birds, lime trees and of course tigers!!!

This drink has a unique consistency due to the shake method, you’ll notice the amount of foam that forms on top. The flavour that this foam holds is incredible. The aroma of the kaffir lime leaves and cardamom pods is very distinguishable.

Cameron has a long friend living in India and he helped piece this drink together.


25ml Vodka

50ml Pineapple juice

Whole lime

1-3 Cardamom seeds

1 Eggwhite

10ml Sugar syrup

1-3 Kaffir lime leaves

Tiger cocktail topper


Start by infusing the kaffir lime leaves in your vodka within a spare glass or your shaker is fine.

Firmly crush your cardamom pods to release their fragrance and add this to the vodka infusion.

Now follow with the rest of your ingredients including your egg white.

Shake extremely well without ice first.

Break the seal and add a generous amount of ice to your shaker.

Shake just as hard for roughly 20 seconds.

Strain into a chunky tumbler and garnish with your cocktail topper.

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale

Mysterious, beautiful, seductive, charming, loving but extremely dangerous.

There’s not many other ways to describe this powerful drink. Delicate and pretty at first glance but one sip will reveal it’s true and hidden flavours.

We’ve covered all basis with this one, don’t forget the all important rose water. This extra layer of aroma makes all the difference when you’re enjoying this tipple.


25ml Vodka

Half Lemon

20ml Creme De cassis

35ml Soda

15ml sugar syrup

Rose water

Feather + wooden peg



Start by spraying your chosen glass (coupe) with rose water, using the atomiser provided and then set the glass to one side.

Squeeze one half of the lemon into your shaker. Follow by pouring in the remaining ingredients except the soda.

Add a large helping of ice and hake at a medium strength and pace, we don’t want too much dilution. For a stronger version you can stir instead.

Double strain into your coupe, top with 35ml soda or to your taste. Finally, garnish by pegging your feather onto the side of the glass.

Chinese Takeaway

Chinese Takeaway

Combining flavours of China, with flavours of home. This cute and absolutely delicious cocktail has proven to be one of our most loved recipes.


50ml Gin

35ml Peach Puree

Pink Grapefruit

star anise + cloves

15ml Raspberry Syrup

2 X black tea bags


Cut your grapefruit into quarters and squeeze 3 out of 4 into the shaker.  Now add the remaining ingredients to the shaker apart from the tea bag.

Shake hard and then dirty pour (including shaken ice) into your Chinese takeaway box.

Finally, throw in the black tea bags and allow it to infuse until you have reached the desired strength.

Garnish with your last chunk of grapefruit and your pair of chopsticks.