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10's of 1000s of cocktails shaken up since 2020

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Cocktail Class Event Coordinators

Great Support

Events run 7 days per week, 24 hours per day and support is always on hand via our dedicated support line.

Global Virtual Cocktail Making

Global Delivery

Worldwide delivery is our speciality, we ship to over 30 countries worldwide every month.

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We Know Remote

We host the best virtual events for hybrid and remote teams because we are one too!

Budget Friendly Virtual Cocktail Making

Finance love us

We create bespoke packages to meet your budget, plus we accept purchase orders and credit cards.

Let's chat and get planning

Book a call with one of our friendly event coordinators to discuss your requirements.

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human customer support on hand at every step.

You won't find frustrating chatbots or useless knowledge centres with us, you'll have a dedicated event coordinator on hand from start until finish.

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Virtual Fam Trips

Connect great venues & resorts to agents from around the world with ease, our virtual familiarisation trips can be organised quickly and they are up to 30x cheaper than in-person familiarisation trips.

🏆 Multiple Award Winning Business

📅 Available 7 days per week

🌍 Worldwide Shipping inc USA & EU

🍸 Alcohol & No-Alcohol Options

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rated 5 Stars on Google

Who Weve Hosted
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Virtual Familiarisation Trips 2
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Virtual Familiarisation Trips 9
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Plus, you?

Inclusive and interactive experience

Virtual Fam Trips

Our live interactive virtual familiarisation trips are perfect for showcasing your venue or experiences to people around the world. We combine great tasting cocktails, physical merchandise and a tour of your venue to give people a great familiarisation experience without the jet lag!

Virtual Fam Trips
Virtual Fam Trips

Global Reach

Worldwide Pack Delivery

Through our network of delivery partners, we can reach travel agents in over 190 countries and our in-house team are on hand to ensure safe and reliable delivery.

Totally Bespoke

Themed Cocktails & More

Our in-house team of mixologists and event planners can create a destination themed menu and unboxing experience complete with your own brochures and marketing materials. Plus, they are available by email and telephone to discuss your wildest bespoke requirements.

Virtual Fam Trips
Virtual Fam Trips

Finance department loves us

Budget-Friendly Experience

Our virtual familiarisation trips are cost-effective enabling you to host up to 30 times more agents for the same cost as an in-person fam trip.

Learn More About Virtual Fam Trips

Discovery Call

Book a zero-obligation call with one of our virtual event coordinators to discuss any questions, requirements or bespoke requests you have.

Calls typically last 15 minutes and can be held via Google Meet, Zoom or even Telephone. Webcam on or off? That’s up to you.

Don’t want to wait? Call +44 (0) 1224 600068 or email us now.

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Cocktail Ingredients

Conversation Starting Ingredients and Snacks

In our experiences, we use ingredients in interesting ways and supply delicious, craft snacks that are sure to be conversation starters among the team.

Don’t worry though, we make sure to cater for a broad audience so you won’t find anything weird or nasty.

All of our cocktails are vegetarian (most are vegan too) and can be created with alcohol or our alcohol-free substitutes which can be supplied free of charge to guests to are alcohol-free, plus we have a huge selection of vegan, gluten-free and celiac-safe snacks as standard.



Time to break the ice?

Book or Enquire About a Virtual Fam Trip

  • Event Information
  • Organisers Information
Can be updated later.
What is the name and location of the venue?
Select your preferred date & start time.
i.e "Any Friday evening"
How long would you like the cocktail masterclass element?
If any, what branding options are you interested in?
Our event coordinators will present package options for you based on your budget.
Allergies, remote locations, bespoke or branding requirements?

Boozy Events has received hundreds of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-star reviews since 2017!

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Customer Service

Worldwide Event Coordinator Team

We’re Always Here To Help

We work with many companies that have distributed teams and we are no different. Our team of event coordinators are located across 4 time zones. Guests can contact us via our dedicated guest helpline which is manned constantly during event operations.

Allergies or Not

Completely Inclusive Experiences

Not a single person is left out from our experiences.

Catering for everyone is at the heart of what we do. In almost every situation that a standard ingredient is not suitable, we will have a near-perfect substitution available, for free. Where we don’t, we will take whatever steps are necessary to make sure the person is not left out.

Plus, we can ship to guests in more than 190 countries through our network of courier partners!



Your brand, your way

Experience Branding Options

Whitelabelled Cocktail Making Kits

White Labelling

Hide our branding and make the experience all about you. Suitable for re-selling by 3rd party event planners with a full-stack white labelling service.

Branded Cocktail Making Kits


Incorporate your companies brand or message into the packaging, drinks and the overall experience. From simple colour schemes to printed boxes and equipment sets.

Co-Branded Cocktail Making Kits


Great for exhibitions and sponsored events, we can host a co-branded experience which your guests can take part in, plus we can handle payments for paid events.

Packaging examples shown are for illustrative purposes, actual packaging and contents will vary depending on your requirements.


Direct Submission or RSVP

Booking Solutions For Every Company

Direct Submission

Let us know the package and guest numbers, and send us the guest information via our provided CSV template. Nice and simple.



Let us know the package and guest numbers, then share a link to a hosted RSVP form where guests will submit their details directly to us. Great for GDPR compliance.


Guests Choose

Choose some options or set a budget, guests head to our custom booking page where they can choose their own equipment, snacks and more.