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It’s Almost Time To Shake!

Just received your ingredients?

  • If your class is not for a couple of days, we recommend storing your ingredients in the fridge.

Prior to your class, remember to have the following ready:

  • Sharp knife and chopping board.
  • Glasses:
    • 2 cocktail class: 1x hi-ball 1x coupe
    • 3 cocktail class: 1x hi-ball, 1x coupe, 1x tumbler
    • 4 cocktail class: 1x hi-ball, 2x coupe, 1x tumbler
  • Ice, if you have a bag of ice, break it up so that it’s not in a big block.
  • Waste bucket, we will be pouring out old ice and fruit peels, it’s handy to have this nearby.
  • A basin of water can be useful if your kitchen is far away, we will rinse out the shakers between cocktails. Just warm water will be fine.
  • Some kitchen paper towels or cloth can be useful if you are prone to spilling anything

We recommend laying out all of the ingredients so that you can see the names.