Why You Should Get Off Tinder and Try Speed Dating

by | Jul 10, 2021

How often do Tinder and other dating sites really work? We know it’s not for lack of trying. In fact, the average dating app user spends 10 hours per week scrolling through potential matches. 

Modern dating is exhausting and time consuming, and unfortunately, men are even less likely to find success through dating sites. Men typically hugely outnumber women on dating apps, with a 9:1 ratio of men to women on Tinder. The competition on dating sites is savage, and to make matters worse, studies show that the average reply rate for women is less than 20%. That means that even if you do shoot your shot, there’s a big chance you’ll be ghosted. Sorry guys. 

There’s more reasons to get off of tinder than the terrible men to women ratio. These dating apps use an algorithm based on explicit preferences stated in your settings and who you’re swiping right to, to match you with your ideal partners. This works something like your TikTok For You Page and Amazon’s ‘You May Also Like’. However, these dating site algorithms are no match for chemistry. How can you see if sparks fly if you’re not even having a real conversation?

It’s no surprise that Tinder and Grindr rank in the top 10 apps most likely to leave users feeling sad. Yet, we’re still all drawn to these apps to cure our dating woes. May 2021 alone saw over 6.5 million people download Tinder. We get it, it’s difficult to meet people when you’re a busy professional – but dating apps are not the answer. 

Speed dating is the way forward. Well actually, speed dating is basically the old-school format of dating apps – but, particularly in this case, old school wins! You’ll chat with a potential partner for a few minutes, before moving on to the next! Yes, it’s that simple. No anxiety about whether you’ll be ghosted or having to think of an opening message that’s more creative than ‘Hi, how are you?’

Here’s our top reasons why you should try speed dating:

Removes pressure

With speed dating, there’s no obligation. All you have to do is chat for a few minutes and move on – no expectations of a date after hours of messaging. Plus, with such a short amount of time spent with each potential partner, there’s less anxiety around holding a conversation and wondering how to fill those awkward silences. 

Puts you in control

Speed dating allows you to make an informed decision about someone based on a conversation, rather than just a dating profile. You’re also not hanging around waiting for a message reply, you have the opportunity to find out more about them before investing your time. 


Speed dating is much more affordable than regular, failed, dates. Did you know that current daters will meet potential love interests up to 13 times a year, spending an average of £106.06 each time? You have the opportunity to meet multiple potential partners in one night – saving you an absolute fortune!

Fun environment 

Believe it or not, speed dating can be really fun! If you enter with minimal expectations and avoid interviewing your date – you can have a real laugh! Take things as they come and enjoy the experience. If nothing else, at least you’ll have some dating stories for next time you meet your mates. 

If all that sounds up your street, we have the perfect series of events coming up. We have teamed up with Match Made in Scotland to bring speed dating to your screens with a twist – or should I say shake!

Through a series of events suitable for almost anyone, our cocktail experts will show you how to create 2 delicious and conversation-starting cocktails, then love meistros Match Made in Scotland will kick-off rounds of speed dating.

The classes are:

Tue 20th July @ 7:30pm – aged 25-35

Wed 21st July @ 7:30pm – Gay males 25-45

Thu 22nd July @ 7:30pm – aged 55+

Tue 27th July @ 7:30pm – aged 40-55

Wed 28th July @ 7:30pm – Lesbian 25-45

Thu 29th July @ 7:30pm – aged 30-45

There’s singles ready and waiting to meet you, all you’ve got to do is grab your ticket and join in on the fun!

For more information and to book please visit boozyevents.com/singles-cocktail-masterclass/